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The investment that you make in a sewing machine is as important to you as it is us at Stitch by Stitch.

We want you to always get the best performance you can from your machine. To ensure that it continually works to your satisfaction, you will find that cleaning it on a regular basis will help to keep your machine running smoothly!

Cleaning the lint from accessible areas of your machine will certainly help that. However, no matter how diligent you are, over time a certain amount of lint, dirt and fibers will deposit in areas deep inside the machine that you cannot reach. This is unavoidable.

How we can help!

That is why we recommend having your machine professionally cleaned every 12 to 24 months by our service technician.

Our service technician will not only clean the inside of your machine but he will also tune it and lubricate it where needed. This tune-up includes checking the feed teeth and the timing. Of course, at the same time he will take care of any specific issues you may be having with your machine. You may drop off your machine at the store at any time. We service all makes and models regardless of where you purchased your machine.

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