Workshop: Design Your Own Knitted Clock November 23 10-1pm

Create your own custom chart for the Yoke O’Clock knitted clock pattern with designer Stephanie Earp. In this workshop, we’ll go over the basic techniques required to knit this pattern, including tips for working stranded colourwork, the backward loop increase (and its merits compared to other increases) and measuring gauge. Then the fun starts, as we get out our coloured pencils and design a unique chart using the blank chart provided in the pattern, or choose colours for the existing charts.

We’ll look at stitch dictionaries, and discuss finding colour and pattern inspiration in existing decor. Finally, Stephanie will demonstrate how to mount the finished knitting on a vinyl LP and install the clock.

Prerequisites: some experience with stranded colourwork.

Materials: Participants should bring fingering weight yarn in 3 or more colours & 5 appropriate sized DPNs for swatching; a variety of coloured pens or pencils; any photo references desired for inspiration.

Homework (optional): If desired, practice working from the center out on double-pointed needle as follows: cast on 12 sts across 4 DPNs, and work in the round, increasing by 12 sts evenly every other round, until you have 72 sts. Bind off or frog.

Material Costs: Participants can purchase a kit including materials (LP, clock mechanism, pattern) on the day for $15. The Yoke O’Clock pattern is included with the workshop and will be sent to participants in advance.

Maximum Class Size: 10 people.

BIOGRAPHY: Stephanie Earp is a knitting designer and teacher based in Montreal. Primarily a dedicated sweater knitter, Stephanie is known for her unusual construction techniques and inventive ideas – like a functional knitted clock pattern! Stephanie’s designs have appeared in Pom Pom Quarterly, Jane Austen Knits and the Quick Knits series from Cascade. For more, visit

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